Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Naikun outlines the construction phase of its wind farm project

The much anticipated NaiKun Offshore Wind Energy Project should be heading into its construction phase as we move into 2010, an ambitious wind energy construction schedule that will see 110 wind turbine generators placed in shallow waters between Haida Gwaii and Prince Rupert in Hecate strait.

The project will provide for over 200 construction jobs in the assembly stage, with construction workers, marine operators, cooks, helicopter pilots and administrative support staff to name a few, finding employment for the four year construction phase of the project.

The marine based construction schedule will take place between April and September when the legendary North coast weather and sea conditions won't provide as much drama as the fall and winter seasons could offer up.

The turbines and their platforms that have been chosen for the project are similar to those being used in Europe, the foundation for the platforms will take approximately 1.8 days per turbine platform to install, dependant on weather conditions.

Upon completion the wind farm turbines will be interconnected, providing 1.3 gigawatt-hours of energy a year delivered through a Ridley Island transit station and on into the provincial grid at Port Edward.

The Journal of Commerce, a western Canadian trade paper for the construction industry offered up this preview of the project in its most recent on line edition.

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