Thursday, October 01, 2009

Just wait until Fox News gets wind of this plan

Canada's medical system has been facing an onslaught of media scrutiny in the USA of late, a good portion of it apparently ill informed, lacking in research or tangible proof of some of the inanities that have been spat out as gospel from a brigade of America's talking heads.

Among the more brazen of outlets when it comes to selling the flaming sizzle without any sense of the steak, has been the yammering yahoos of Fox News, with the likes of Glen Beck and a growing cast of others, where actually reporting the facts, as opposed to the histrionic headlines and their interpretations of them, has been something that hasn't exactly been job one.

So we offer up this headline from the CKNW website, posted today, which surely will send them all over the edge...

Vulnerable patients may get shot

Never mind that the headline refers to the plan to inoculate those at risk from the flu, with the flu vaccine. In the ever dramatic world of rushed headline news, this will no doubt only go to confirm the worst suspicions of the American debate on health care and what could happen if they adopt that "Canadian style healthcare"

Now, for the folks at Fox and elsewhere who won't let the truth get in the way of a good story some advice, one imagines that this will only take place once the "Death panels" have ruled, but it should certainly make for some fascinating debating points of the Beck program, Red Eye or any other offering from the exciteable network...

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