Tuesday, April 21, 2009

They're fixing a hole in the road... not necessarily here

Prince George's budget concerns must not be quite the same as their western cousins in Rupert, the Prince George Citizen and Opinion 250 have posted a couple of stories on their websites that outline some of the services that are available to a city that has the money set aside for general maintenance.

When it comes to the number one item of complaint by drivers everywhere, Prince George seems to be getting a handle on their pothole problem, the Citizen outlines how they are approaching the 10,000 mark, when it comes to potholes around that city, working three shifts a day to try and take care of the axle busting holes that can pop up on city streets.

Likewise, the plans to clean up that city are moving forward, as the City of Prince George prepares for a giant civic clean up this week. Opinion 250 offered up a review of the progress of those plans today. All while the Mayor and council of that city took to the streets today for their photo ops to highlight this weekends clean up campaign, which will see the city partner with community groups in trying to improve the aesthetics of their city.

Of course, not everyone is happy, there are more than a few cynics who are finding that not all the potholes are getting attention, and suggest that photo ops alone won't make for a clean community.

But things seem pretty good for Prince George, compared to the recent suggestions out of Prince Rupert's City Hall. At last weeks preliminary budget discussions, some ideas being recommended were cutbacks to such things as road repairs, parks and recreation maintenance and a reduction in the support normally provided to the Civic Pride Program.

As the roads continue to crumble and the city becomes more unkempt, one suspects that the phones will soon be ringing down at 3rd Avenues City Hall offices.

With or without support, Prince Rupert's Civic Pride is planning for their own civic clean up around the city, Sunday April 26th will be the local clean up day. Those looking to Participate can meet at the Museum of Northern BC at 1 pm to help out.

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