Monday, April 13, 2009

Podunk Below the Masthead, Monday, April 13, 2009

The Olympic torch passes through town, the Daily hears word of some CN plans for the Alberta oil patch (however do they get those scoops?) and a local thief learns that quick turnaround is probably the best idea when it comes to stealing jewelry. Some of the featured items in the Monday edition of the paper.

A SNEAK PEEK AT THE 2010 OLYMPIC TORCH--Monday's front page headline story and accompanying photo was a review of last weeks Torch preview at the Rupert Square Shopping Mall. The torch and torch bearer Anthony Wright both were at the Royal Bank, allowing Rupertites to take a look at the still unlit 2010 Olympic Games torch. The torch will return to the city on February 1st of 2010 on its way to Vancouver and the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games.

The plans from CN Rail to begin shipping oil from the Alberta Tar Sands was the topic of a front page story as well on Monday. As we outlined on the blog in the wee hours of Monday morning, CN's plan includes the use of insulated and heatable rail cars, taking Alberta's oil to shipment points wherever the railroad lines can extend to. In their article the Daily News inquired of the NDP MP for Bulkley Valley-Skeena as to his thoughts on the plan, which in the short term isn't apparently getting a ringing endorsement. With Nathan Cullen, who is also the environment critic for the NDP, suggesting that the onus is on CN to sit down with local communities for consultation on their plans before the rail cars start rolling through the towns of the northern line.

And from the bad boys, bad boys department, news on page two of a less than clever thief who allegedly was in possession of some ill gotten gains from Harris and Wick Jewellers from an early morning break in on Friday. The thirty one year old suspect was arrested in the downtown area with the goods still in his possession a full day later, suggesting that wholesale sales and delivery were not his specialty.

Monday's sports section featured a review of the Saturday Awards show for the Prince Rupert Rampage and a preview of the PRSS Rainmakers soccer season ahead.

Total pages in Monday's paper 12

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