Monday, April 27, 2009

Pandemic Pandemonium (April 2009)

The weekend saw the sudden rise of reported cases of swine flu, with Mexico the apparent starting point for what some fear will become a world wide pandemic.

By Monday morning, the death toll in Mexico had gone over 149 with thousands more suffering symptom of infection.

Reported cases were also listed in the United States, while Canada had six reported cases listed by Monday, two of them in British Columbia. Numerous provincial health departments spending Sunday hosting press conferences to try and keep the flow of information within the realm of fact and not rumour.

The outbreak became the lead item of the news cycle for the various all news networks, all with their particular level of interpretation as to the risk involved.

As the swine flu suddenly wrested the headlines away from the economic troubles, it brought the heavy on graphics and urgent music approach to lead item status. As the media speculates whether the swine flu will be a temporary blip much like the bird flu of a few years ago, or if indeed the next great pandemic is underway.

We will keep track of the news items on the topic here, providing an archive of sorts for the tracking of the flu and any developments from it. The archive will be found in our right hand column under the items of special interest banner.

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