Friday, April 24, 2009

If it's family values the Republicans are banking on, best to throw Madam Palin from the train...

The last time we were paying attention to the political trail of Sarah Palin, the current Governor of Alaska was doing her very best to return some clothes and taking time to suggest that the Republican candidate for President John McCain and her running mate had not made best used of her political skills.

Since that it's been all down hill for the Palin clan, as revelation after revelation seems to come at rapid fire now, outlining that the pursuit of power sometimes comes with more than a few skeletons to take care of.

The National Post has provided a handy little guide to Palintology 101, a guide to Mrs. Palin's continued quest for relevance to the Republican base and more importantly a handy laundry list of those events that should ensure that the base will be getting further and further away as the months drift by.

Among some of the lesser known developments are questions regarding the once and now not likely son in law Levi, who was granted an apprenticeship a highly regarded program, despite what many suggest were less than credible qualifications, a criticism that brought the Governor to the barricades against her critics, at one point chastising the media for all their attention and for their attempts to ruin the young man's life.

Of course, young Levi wasn't long for the Palin inner circle it seems, despite being the father of the latest in the Palin family lineage, his appearance on the Tyra Banks show of all places, seems to have sealed his fate as someone to be exiled from the family.

His comments regarding his relationship with the Governor's daughter Bristol, elicited sharp rebuke from the Governor and we suspect that if banishment were allowed, Levi would be even further north than one could be than Wasila.

No more talk about ruining a young man's life, the boor was to be out of the family loop from that point on, the now quite chatty Levi making frequent talk show appearances and regaling all about how he was being prevented from seeing his child. Now, feeling more than a little used by his girlfriends family, he is set to add to the festival of family values, by threatening to sue for custody of the youngest of the Palin line, which will guarantee many more months of headlines for all concerned.

While the Governor was considering that possible scenario, she may or may not have had time to keep up to date with the court registry in Alaska, which saw her sister in law arrested twice for burglary and the mother of now her spurned son in law arrested on drug charges.

All in all, a rather sombre month for the family values platform, while the Republicans begin their process of rebuilding the brand, one wonders how long it may be before they stop accepting phone calls from north of the Canadian border.

Political baggage is always the wobbly leg of any politicians potential platform, judging by the way things are unravelling in Anchorage, it won't be much longer before the Palin platform collapses from all that weight, sending the Governor back to the relative obscurity from which she was plucked.

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