Monday, September 01, 2008

Through the looking glass Governor…

The anticipated nomination this week of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to the Republican ticket has launched the once unknown PTA member, Hockey Mom and eventual Governor of the state into the American and International spot light.

While everyone runs to their favourite search engine to try and learn more about her and her policies, the new entries to search engines on a daily basis will reveal much more than we would have ever learned before.

While Barack Obama was rightly correct in his declaration that the candidates family life and any exposure of her children to the boiling pot of politics was unacceptable, there will still no doubt be many questions raised about much of the candidates past (beyond family travails).

It’s only understandable that her career path, political maneuvering and inter personal political relationships would all quickly come up for examination, what with a little over two months until the US election day.

We’ve been browsing the Internet through the weekend and found more than a few commentators ready to weigh in on the choice of Mrs. Palin and what she may or may not bring to the highest offices of the Western World.

Some are tentatively hopeful that this was a brave and dramatic move, others are convinced that Mr. McCain has to say the least, exhibited some rather poor judgement on what could be one of his most important decisions.

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