Monday, September 01, 2008

Tea or Coffee with the GG and a writ to drop please

Monday may be the day, or maybe Tuesday, but one thing seems pretty certain now, Stephen Harper seems quite inclined to take his party and the nation off to a fall election.

The Governor General had to send her regrets to China last week, as a long planned visit was scrubbed in order to be on standby should the PM wish to dissolve Parliament.

Having spent the weekend chatting up the likes of Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe, the PM will have one more chinwag with Stephane Dion on Monday before making his mind up on when to hit the electoral trail.

While Parliament has been on its summer break for the bulk of the last few months, it seems in Mr. Harper's opinion the members from the other parties won't be inclined to make Parliament work, so he's set to throw them all out of work until the people sign off on a new roster of elected representatives.

The tea leaves according to the Layton and Duceppe all indicate an election is near, while Stephane Dion was making much of the same kind of sounds through the weekend.

Perhaps the only group that will be disappointed at the prospect at going to the polls will be the Green Party, not because of any fear of facing the electorate, but more because they actually finally had a warm and breathing body set to take a seat in Parliament as an official member of Parliament for the Greens.

Blair Wilson, a former Liberal who was forced out over some spending issues was introduced on Saturday as the Party's immigration critic, ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work on behalf of Team Green.

If the election is called as expected, his first task will be to get re-elected under his new banner.

He'll have lots of company we suspect on the campaign trail, as incumbents and newcomers alike jockey for the chance to convince the voters that they should be sent to Ottawa to champion their causes.

The weekend news bursts provided much in the way of suggestion that Canadians will be thinking of Elections shortly after they've finished off their Turkey Dinners at Thanksgiving.

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