Sunday, September 07, 2008

Out of the gate and heading down the track (Week One)

With the election call underway and the political parties ready to roll out their election machines, we'll follow the developments both nationally and locally from the comfort of our computer station.

Globe and Mail

Sept. 12-- En Francais
Sept. 12-- Leaders cry foul over gas prices as Harper pledges deregulation
Sept. 12-- What the Tories know about you
Sept. 12-- Liberals still weak in swing ridings, poll finds
Sept. 12-- For Elizabeth May, the next challenge is winning her riding
Sept. 12-- Charest calls for more powers over culture
Sept. 12-- Harper seeks delay in hearing over Cadman libel suit
Sept. 12-- Layton says he'd honour Atlantic Accord
Sept. 12-- Dion pledges to sit with B.C. premier to harmonize green plans
Sept. 12-- Poll shows Tories gaining ground
Sept. 12-- Bloc wants Quebec nation in constitution
Sept. 12-- Now May gets to take on Sarah Palin too...
Sept. 12-- Green-tech not just for the cities, says May
Sept. 12-- Unions push to put food safety on agenda
Sept. 12-- How can the Tories regain control of their campaign?
Setp. 12-- Despite goofs and gaffes, Harper wins the week
Sept. 12-- Danny boy has gone too far
Sept. 12-- A minority win for the Tories is really a majority win
Sept. 12-- Harper's steadfastness lost
Sept. 12-- From dysfunction to competitiveness
Sept. 12-- Harper has done our soldiers - and their sacrifices - a disservice
Sept. 11-- Vote for Canada's election
Sept. 11-- Tories taking on Bloc in key Quebec ridings
Sept. 11-- Blunder thins the ranks in Harper's war room
Sept. 11-- Dion fires Quebec candidate for contentious native remarks
Sept. 11-- Aggressive tactics are self-defeating
Sept. 10-- May gets green light with a push from the people
Sept. 10-- Bloc takes it from both sides
Sept. 10-- Harper pledges Afghan pullout by 2011
Sept. 10-- MP Solberg finds it ‘hard to say goodbye'
Sept. 10-- At long last, a plane trip on the Dion campaign
Sept. 10-- NDP support doubles in B.C., poll suggests
Sept. 10-- NDP would boost ‘green sector' jobs
Sept. 10-- Emerson moves to smooth Harper's criticism of B.C. carbon tax
Sept. 10-- Opposition won't stand up for Israel, Harper says
Sept. 10-- Harper ‘not fully informed', says McGuinty
Sept. 10-- Heart attack won't keep me from voters, North Vancouver MP says
Sept. 10-- Former CBC News chief: The election debate process is a sham
Sept. 10-- Williams calls Harper a fraud
Sept. 10-- Tories turn attacks towards Bloc
Sept. 10-- Dion wants answers from TV consortium
Sept. 10-- May boosted by debate support
Sept. 9--Top lobbyist dealing with PMO is now acting for Tories
Sept. 9--The puffin gaffe
Sept. 9-- Green rebuff, Tory misstep overshadow first promises
Sept. 9-- Tory momentum slows in swing ridings since election call
Sept. 9-- Fry presses Mayencourt on Insite facility
Sept. 9-- Williams challenges the leaders in a number of open letters
Sept. 9-- Western leaders vow to protect their energy interests
Sept. 9-- The best laid plans...
Sept. 9-- Campaign draws Taliban attention
Sept. 9-- Liberals up the ante in face of attack ads
Sept. 9-- Layton to unveil plan to create ‘green' jobs
Sept. 9-- Couillard book gets early release
Sept. 9-- Dion: 'I'm not a rich man'
Sept. 9-- Voters outraged by Greens' exclusion, May says
Sept. 9-- Four former PMs join in call for climate change action
Sept. 9-- Duceppe queries Opus Dei candidate
Sept. 9-- Liberals show 'another side' of Dion
Sept. 9-- Harper tries to resuscitate the Mulroney coalition
Sept. 8--Liberals losing ground in key ridings, poll shows
Sept. 8--Dion wants to tighten gun control
Sept. 8--Harper hits BC Premier over carbon tax
Sept. 8--Capturing voters hearts early seen as essential
Sept. 8--May's lucky break
Sept. 8--No May in October
Sept. 7--Battle begins for elusive majority
Sept. 7--Tories seize lead in key ridings, poll shows
Sept. 7--Liberals hit turbulence as campaign takes off
Sept. 7--Harper not the only family man in this campaign
Sept. 7--Strategists' corner
National Post
Sept. 14-- Tories change tact, aim at NDP, Greens
Sept. 13-- Liberals announce $800-million immigration policy
Sept. 12-- Don Martin: Liberals have yet to take flight
Sept. 12-- Graeme Hamilton: Liberals lose another candidate in Quebec
Sept. 12-- In Canada's polite society, even dirty tricks are handled with tact
Sept. 12-- Kelly McParland: Harper, Dion and May play 'Dump the candidate'
Sept. 12-- Leaders tussle over manners, carbon emissions
Sept. 12-- NDP would bring in gas price ombudsman, says Layton
Sept. 12-- Tories propose foreign-investment rule changes
Sept. 12-- Tories still weak in Ontario, Quebec: polls
Sept. 12-- Political junkies face debate dilemma
Sept. 11-- Don Martin: Harper lets malevolence get to his message
Sept. 11-- Carbon taxes reap mixed results in Scandinavia
Sept. 11-- Layton tries to sell climate change plan in Quebec
Sept. 11-- Green Shift debate derailed by bumbling and gaffes
Sept. 10-- Greens' May invited to join leaders' debate
Sept. 10-- Don't vote for 'fraud' Harper, Newfoundland's Williams says
Sept. 10-- John Ivison: Relaxed, chatty Harper oozing confidence
Sept. 10-- Tories say it's cool if May joins debate — if MacKay can come too
Sept. 10-- Layton backs down on Greens' exclusion from leaders debate
Sept. 10-- Don Martin: Liberal campaign almost falling down on the job
Sept. 10-- Dion emerges smelling like a rose
Sept. 10-- Kevin Libin: Someone needs to tell Dion the truth about diesel
Sept. 10-- The Liberals' answer to Michael Dukakis on a tank: St├ęphane Dion on snowshoes
Sept. 10-- George Jonas: An unnecessary election at a reasonable time
Sept. 10-- Friendly fire hurting Bloc
Sept. 10-- Parties focus campaign on vote-rich Ontario
Sept. 10-- Gay community united in stance against PM: poll
Sept. 9-- Gaffes overshadow policy, promises on campaign trail
Sept. 9-- Don Martin: Dion makes the most of optics-challenged Tories
Sept. 9-- John Ivison: Fruity Harper takes puffin poop in stride
Sept. 9-- Harper rejects campaign carbon offsets
Sept. 9-- NDP scores a point in election web war
Sept. 9-- Yoni Goldstein: Debates would give Elizabeth May a chance to display her stuff
Sept. 9-- Harper lied about cleaning up politics in Ottawa: Duceppe
Sept. 9-- Parties use the Internet to troll for voters
Sept. 8-- Layton: Oilsands part of Tories 'toxic legacy'
Sept. 8--Liberal campaign shows all the signs of poverty, poor planning
Sept. 8--Green leader blames Harper, Layton for being barred from debates
Sept. 8--Elizabeth May has received a blessing in disguise
Sept. 8--Can Stephen Harper channel Jean Chretien?
Sept. 8--In the interests of free and open debate, Greens shut out of leaders' debate
Sept. 8--Harper eases through opening steps in a difficult dance
Sept. 7--Martin: Two leaders, two Canadas
Sept. 7--Federal election called for Oct. 14
Sept. 7--Liberals leaving, on a .... jet plane (when they can pick up the keys)
Sept. 7--Who gives a tweet about Twitter? Maybe in this election
Sept. 7-- Key Election Issues: Environment and the 'Green Shift'
Sept. 7--Day 1: Starting blocks, 'promised and never delivered'...
Sept. 7--John Ivison: Mr. Harper's 'just say no campaign'
Sept. 7--Let's see some excitement, people!
Sept. 7--Stephen Harper discovers his softer side -- and the attractions of pork
Toronto Star
Sept. 14-- Party ads woo Quebec voters
Sept. 14-- Layton pledges boost for women's groups
Sept. 14-- Dion's image challenge for Liberals: poll
Sept. 14-- PM bids to calm jitters over majority
Sept. 14-- Displacing Liberals has appeal
Sept. 14-- Morning Briefing
Sept. 14-- Harper dismisses Williams
Sept. 14-- Election: A spoonful of persuasion
Sept. 14-- Campaign Notebook
Sept. 14-- Immigration overhaul eyed by Liberals
Sept. 13-- Grits, NDP pulling even?
Sept. 13-- Dion promises to boost immigration, clear backlog
Sept. 13-- Tory TV ads a success, poll shows
Sept. 12-- Tory lead strengthening, poll shows
Sept. 12-- Duceppe targets Harper with Quebec 'nation' bid
Sept. 12-- Layton defends candidate who called NDP 'losers'
Sept. 12-- Liberals promise money to retrofit homes
Sept. 12-- Tories turning the tide in PEI, Harper says
Sept. 12-- Elections Canada probes online vote swapping
Sept. 12-- Harper seeks delay in hearing over Cadman suit
Sept. 12-- Harper would relax foreign ownership rules
Sept. 12-- Liberal-Green co-operation ends beyond leaders' ridings: May
Sept. 12-- Gas hike raises gouging questions on campaign trail
Sept. 12-- Email gaffe shelves Tory aide
Sept. 12-- Conservatives could be in driver's seat
Sept. 12-- Harper refuels unity debate
Sept. 12-- Web outrage marks shift in Canadian politics
Sept. 12-- Fringe parties seek spot on podium
Sept. 12-- Kids gone wild or gaffes under pressure?
Sept. 12-- Orchard stands by Dion, urges Green Shift tweak
Sept. 12-- Layton hypes green strategy
Sept. 12-- Odd way for an election to begin
Sept. 12-- Harper advised to avoid the 'm' word
Sept. 12-- No stars in Quebec skies for Dion
Sept. 12-- A regular Canadian's hard to find
Sept. 11-- Make Afghan mission an election issue
Sept. 11-- Smug smile conceals feathers
Sept. 11-- Facebook group provides chance to vote swap
Sept. 11-- NDP predict Quebec breakthrough
Sept. 11-- Carbon tax threatens country, Harper says
Sept. 11-- Tories suspend communications director
Sept. 11-- Dion strikes optimistic tone as campaign takes flight
Sept. 11-- Harper won't guarantee Ontario jobs
Sept. 11-- Greens to be in debates
Sept. 11-- Urban leaders vow to sway the vote
Sept. 11-- PM underlines 2011 pledge
Sept. 11-- Harper no fan of cameras and political celebrity
Sept. 11-- Majority for Tories would be 'disaster'
Sept. 11-- Sovereignty silence bites Bloc
Sept. 11-- Dion puts food safety on table
Sept. 11-- Attack ads sink race into 'bully campaign'
Sept. 10-- Greens get place at debate
Sept. 10-- Tories accused of duping moms for photo-op
Sept. 10-- Harper touts tough stance on foreign policy issues
Sept. 10-- Can't guarantee jobs, PM says
Sept. 10-- Harper looks to ethnic voters for GTA gains
Sept. 10-- Retailers protest hidden credit card fees
Sept. 10-- Bloc 'twin' of NDP, sovereignist charges
Sept. 10-- Newfoundland premier says: 'Anyone but Harper'
Sept. 10-- Dion promises to restore cuts to women's groups
Sept. 10-- PM wrong about EI fairness, McGuinty says
Sept. 10-- May wants answers on exclusion from debates
Sept. 10-- Tories' pre-election tally $19.2B, study says
Sept. 10-- Harper affirms 2011 Afghan pullout
Sept. 10-- Puffin poop ad leaves stink
Sept. 10-- Put cities first, leaders told
Sept. 10-- Taliban pounces as Canadians get set to vote
Sept. 10-- Rae backs partnership with cities
Sept. 10-- Ploy angers workers
Sept. 10-- New look for Quebec politics
Sept. 10-- Tory candidate in Halifax bows out
Sept. 9-- Dion accepts Harper's apology over puffin poop ad
Sept. 9-- Harper makes a pitch to new Canadians
Sept. 9-- Harper only interested in oil sector, Layton says
Sept. 9-- Duceppe assails Tory candidate's Opus Dei affiliation
Sept. 9-- Dion would restore court challenges program
Sept. 9-- Vote Ontario, McGuinty urges
Sept. 9-- No shortage of warnings for Liberals
Sept. 9-- Dion rebuts Tory TV ad
Sept. 9-- Greens slam debate exclusion
Sept. 9-- Tories retreat from dawn news conference strategy
Sept. 9-- Flags? Check. Baby? Check. Cheerios? On tap
Sept. 8-- Greens shut out of TV debates
Sept. 8-- Who will stand up for Ontario?
Sept. 8-- Hearing disability cause of Dion's bad English
Sept. 8-- Canadians closer to Liberal values: Trudeau
Sept. 8-- Duceppe appeals to non-Tory federalists
Sept. 8-- Layton takes aim at Dion on immigration
Sept. 8-- Tories set to gain from Bloc's loss
Sept. 8-- Digital issues deserve spot in election campaign
Sept. 8-- Puzzling economy awaits new PM
Sept. 8-- Early day news event backfires on Tories
Sept. 7--Canada votes on October 14
Sept. 7--Poll suggests support for Harper
Sept. 7--Ignore the Bloc, Harper urges Quebecers
Sept. 7--Greens focus on voter turn out
Sept. 7--Environment to benefit from a Liberal government: Dion
Sept. 7--Bloc is Quebec's only hope, Duceppe says
Sept. 7--Jobs, families, election focus for Layton
Sept. 7--Ridings to watch this election
Sept. 7--Tory war room primed for battle
Toronto Sun
Sept. 12-- 'Single female voter' blindsides PM
Sept. 12-- Harper to foreign investors: Come on in
Sept. 12-- Tory iced over gaffe
Sept. 12-- Harper: Grits will drag us into recession
Sept. 12-- Whose daycare plan is better?
Sept. 12-- Polls put Harper way out in front
Sept. 12-- Hat-trick of gaffes great news for Dion camp
Sept. 8-- Green Leader May silenced
Sept. 8-- The truth on gun laws in Canada
Sept. 8-- Harper goes Hollywood
Sept. 8-- Afghan war could be major election issue
Sept. 8-- Tories in bush's league: Duceppe
Sept. 7--Lean, less mean Harper machine
Sept. 7--Does this election call break Harper's own law?
Sept. 7--Dion to voters: Ditch ‘manipulative’ PM
Sept. 7--Afghan deaths may hurt Tory campaign
Sept. 7--Election set for Oct. 14
Sept. 7--Toronto to play minor role
Vancouver Sun
Sept. 12-- Dion announces massive program to retrofit homes
Sept. 12-- Want to be PM? Only common folks need apply
Sept. 12-- Charest challenges Harper to keep funding for Quebec artists
Sept. 12-- Canadians will vote strategically to prevent Tory majority: Poll
Sept. 12-- Campbell stays away from any federal scrap over his carbon tax
Sept. 10-- 'You can put a sweater on a pig, but it's still a pig'
Sept. 10-- Harper offers Afghan plan; May wins debate spot
Sept. 10-- May says democracy wins as Green leader lands debate slot
Sept. 10-- Liberals look bad in two Angus Reid polls
Sept. 10-- Ford to cut 500 jobs in Oakville
Sept. 10-- Negative ads an integral part of election
Sept. 10-- Duceppe fires back after being called 'NDP twin'
Sept. 9-- Tories did not protect manufacturing jobs: Layton
Sept. 8-- I'm protecting middle class, Harper says
Sept. 8-- U.S. cocktail of colours clashes with Canadian shades of political grey
Sept. 8-- UBC starts election stock market with Tories leading the way
Sept. 8-- Dion opens fire on Conservative gun laws
Sept. 8-- NDP would outlaw floor-crossing, Layton says
Sept. 8-- Rally to Bloc to stop Tory majority: Duceppe
Sept. 7--Federal leaders deploy as election battle begins
Sept. 7--Frigate upgrade latest defence announcement timed for election
Sept. 7--Harper challenge: convincing voters he's a steady hand, not micro-manager
Sept. 7--Dion's challenge: getting a green light from Canadian voters
Sept. 7--Layton challenge: convince Canadians the NDP could form government
Sept. 7--May's challenge: make Canadians believe in miracles
Sept. 7--Duceppe challenge: convince Quebecers the Bloc is still relevant
Sept. 7--Issues in the election
Sept. 7--Economy may well be the ballot box issue
Sept. 7--Harper hopes first-term accomplishments propel Tories to majority mandate
Vancouver Province
Sept. 12-- Liberal leader has harder sell in B.C.
Sept. 12-- Don Bell back vote-trolling
Sept. 12-- Liberals, NDP duke out gender race
Sept. 11-- It was people power, top B.C. Green claims
Sept. 10-- B.C. Tories confident of urban seats
Sept. 9-- Working families finding it tough
Sept. 9-- Province readers choose Harper for top job
Sept. 8-- A hot half-dozen that are up for grabs
Sept. 8-- Harper warns B. C. of Liberal taxes
Sept. 8-- This time, the West is in
Sept. 6-- Canadians credit Conservatives on economy: Flaherty
The Podunkian Archives
Sept. 12-- Stumbling, Bumbling towards Election Day: The Gaffes of the Federal election campaign
Sept. 11-- Local Green supporters happy to gain their seat at the debate table
Sept. 11-- Election rhetoric heats up in Skeena-Bulkley Valley
Sept. 10-- Yes, she May…
Sept. 9-- Oh Puffin poop!
Sept. 9--Now showing on Gilles Duceppe's campaign plane
Sept. 8-- OK, she can run in the election, but she had just best keep quiet…
Sept. 7--And away they go (and so do we!)

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