Sunday, September 07, 2008

And away they go (and so do we!)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper made his walk across the road to the Governor General’s residence this morning and upon his exit had convinced Her Majesties Canadian representative that indeed the nation needs to go to the polls for the third time in less than five years.

Harper, with one eye on polls suggesting he may never get another window and the other on economic news in both Canada and the USA, felt that there was a need to go to the people despite his much discussed fixed election date.

He probably has a bit of wriggle room on the argument of going against his own law, owing to the nature of minority governments, but there is still enough controversy on his move to make for lively discussion on his intentions and whether the nation really needs to practice making an X for the next month and a bit.

Canadians will now be blitzed with any number of political views, commercials, flyer's and phone calls.

We’ll discuss and argue, scoff and listen intently. Then we will all sit down to our Turkey Dinners on Thanksgiving weekend, finish off the bird on the 13th and then digest both the turkey and the political opinions for our trip to the polls on the 14th of October.

At least this year, if you suffer from some indigestion on the 14th you might not have to blame the family dinner the day before!

In the posts to follow, we will track the campaign happenings from our Podunkian portal on the right hand side of the blog, we shall follow the developments from the federal parties and the local race as well, and best of all not one piece of paper will clutter you mailbox on your front porch for the next five weeks, nor shall your phone ring with an unsolicited invitation to lend your support to candidates A, B, C, or D.

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