Thursday, September 04, 2008

As the election whispers grow louder the cash flows faster

While Mr. Harper decides which suit to wear when he visits the Governor General this weekend, his governments ministers are making sure that in some parts of British Columbia the road to election will be smooth.

In a nod to those old days of highway projects just in time for an election call comes word that the Prince George area is about to benefit from a bounty of road construction project funding.

Opinion 250 has details on two funding announcements due east, which will see the Feds and the Provincial government share some 30 million dollars in blacktop and assorted accessories on Highway 97 between the Simon Fraser Bridge and Sintich Road.

The city of Prince George itself will also see some infrastructure money come rolling on in, with the reconstruction of River Road in the city, which will benefit from a 3.5 million boost under the under the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative.

Early September it seems is the perfect time to roll out an election call and maybe a layer or two of blacktop to go with it!

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