Friday, September 05, 2008

The road to power travels down a paved road

Yesterday we made mention of the timely arrival of financial assistance to Prince George as far as some road projects were concerned.

With the Conservatives set to send us to the polls with an election call expected on Sunday, there has apparently been a massive transference of financial means between Ottawa ant the outposts in the last few weeks.
Most of them seem to be just re-announcements, of projects that were already touted but probably didn't have the same gravitas then as they might now with the electorate soon to be engaged.

The National Post posts a link to a spreadsheet from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, which lists the amount of money spent (8.8 Billion) and the destination of it between June and September and while many hamlets, towns and cities appear, Prince Rupert didn't make the current list of the sixteen pages that you can browse from the link. We suspect however, that somewhere in the upgrades to the small harbours and the big port we'll eventually find ourselves mentioned once or twice during the campaign.

Perhaps taking a page from the old idea that a happy voter travels to the polling place on a paved road, the country has been awash in these funding announcements just as the Governor General prepares to rise early on Sunday to receive her Prime Minister.

The sudden review of the splurge on infrastructure and such, was the focus of much of the media today and we shall archive the reports here, all part of our pre election show...

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