Thursday, September 04, 2008

Preparing the troops for battle

The expectation is that the Prime Minister is set to visit the Governor General on Sunday morning and interrupt a restful slumber, putting her to work on the democratic process for Canadians from coast to coast to coast.
That knock on the GG's door, will set in motion the toppling of the dominoes towards a federal election, a short and lively campaign that will culminate in a trip to the polls expected to be on October 14th.

So with all of that set to get underway, we figured it might be time to start archiving the pre election stories that we stumble across during our daily surfing.

Let's look at this as the pre game show shall we?

We will place a link to this updated posting on the right hand side of our blog, you can find it under our items of special interest category.

Globe and Mail

Sept. 6--Grounded?

National Post

The Toronto Star

The Vancouver Sun

The Vancouver Province

The Podunkian Archives

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