Tuesday, September 02, 2008

In a world filled with voices, his reigned supreme

You have heard his voice, at some time in your life the flowing tones of Don LaFontaine have entered your ears and registered in your mind, there to tweak your interest in a soon to be released movie or an upcoming television show.

Best known as the voice of the trailers, LaFontaine one of the worlds most renowned voice over artists passed away today. A number of obit pieces have appeared through the day today outlining his career and achievements during the course of his days as the go to guy for voiceovers.

Deep, rich, commanding, the words would leap out of the speaker at you, demanding your attention, a verbal tapestry that sometimes created a better image of a production than the finished product would ever produce.

You Tube was home to a number of items about the career of Mr. LaFontaine, the one we've featured below perhaps explains his craft and his success the best of all..

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