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Podunk Below the Masthead, Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An account of the second journey of a pair of Rupertites involved in the annual Ride to Conquer Cancer from Richmond to Seattle, the citizens on Patrol are back and Real estate numbers show some improvement in the city, some of the items from Tuesday's news files.

Daily News, front page headline story
SECOND TIME LUCKY, 2 MEN MAKE THE RIDE FOR CANCER-- Details of the travels of Gordie Simonds and Francis Wolfe who recently completed their second trek with the Ride to Conquer Cancer bike expedition from Richmond to Seattle.

A preview of what's ahead for recently returned Citizens on Patrol program for the city.

And the city still hasn't formed an opinion on the Enbridge pipeline and terminal issue.

(Daily News Archives for Tuesday July 6, 2010)

Second time lucky, 2 men make the ride for cancer
Citizens on patrol back for another go
A right of passage in the House
City of Prince Rupert still not sure which side to take on Enbridge

The Northern View
Coast Tsimshian Resources signs Chinese deal-- Some background on the recent deal between a Chinese lumber company and Coast Tsimshian Resources (see article here)

The Northern View
Realty numbers show a rebound in Prince Rupert market compared to 2009 -- The latest figures from the Northern BC Real Estate Board which show a positive trend for real estate in Prince Rupert in the first six months of 2010. (see article here)

The Northern View
BCGEU files a complaint against the Coast Tsimshian Academy-- Details of the recent filing of a labour complaint by the BCGEU against the Coast Tsimshian Academy, as we outlined on the blog last week, the union has taken steps with the Labour realties board over recent firings at the academy during the course of a unionization move at the school (see article here)

The NorthernView
Transit fares, gas prices increase -- Yet more surprises for consumers in the wake of the arrival of the HST implemented on July 1st (see article here)

BC Ferries won't go ahead with proposed Tsawwassen- Prince Rupert route -- As we outlined on the blog last weekend, the Queen Charlotte Islands Observer had the first of the media reports of the abandonment of plans by BC Ferries to move forward with the planned service between Tsawwassen and the North coast. CFTK offered up this report on the developments. (see article here)

CFTK TV 7 News
Bylaw off the table and back into council chambers -- The return of the city's Property revitalization bylaw is featured as council gives the proposal first and second reading (see article here)

CFTK TV 7 News
City Renews borrowing bylaw -- The city adopted its anticipation borrowing bylaw allowing the city the ability to access a one million dollar line of credit at the CIBC should events warrant. (see article here)

CBC News Northern BC
Daybreak North Daybreak North is only posting selected items on their website now.

The most recently posted items can be found on the archive page for Daybreak North click here

Daily News front page, headline story
Second time lucky — two local men make the ride for cancer 
By Monica Lamb-Yorski 
Staff Writer 
Prince Rupert Daily News
Tuesday, July 6, 2010

After last year’s successful trip, it was a no-brainer to do it again.

When Gordie Simonds and Francis Wolfe of Prince Rupert participated in The Ride To Conquer Cancer on June 19 and 20, they rode from Richmond to Seattle with a fellow Rupertite in mind.

Both are cancer survivors, were back on the ride for the second year in a row, and this time around dedicated their efforts to Norm Barker, who has been battling prostate cancer off and on since 1996. 

Before they were scheduled to leave for the ride, Barker had returned from appointments with doctors in Vancouver.

“I was ailing like a SOB,” recalled Barker, who thanks to some new steroid therapy has been feeling much stronger than he had been for the last few months.

When Wolfe and Simonds heard Barker wasn’t feeling well, they decided they had to do the ride for him and asked Marvin Kristoff if he’d silkscreen some T-Shirts with the words “Biking For Barker” for their team.

Simonds’ daughters Jaime Rogers and Christa Simonds made up the other half of the team.

The night before they left on the ride, team members wore the shirts. According to Wolfe it was pretty emotional going around the camp talking with other riders and telling them about Barker.

“I had a lump in my throat,” Wolfe recalled. “It’s amazing how many people cancer touches.”

It has been three years since Wolfe underwent surgery for bladder cancer.

And when Simonds did the ride last year, he’d had his esophagus removed due to cancer only six months before.

The 250-km attracted 2,252 riders and raised $9.2 million this year. Each rider can target the money they’ve raised and Team Prince Rupert requested its funds go toward research.

Between the four of them they raised $11,904.63 and that total doesn’t include donations made from the local community to help them with expenses.

“All that money came from here. It’s amazing,” said Wolfe. “We’re looking for some more riders for out team for next year.”

On the first day it was hot and sunny and many riders were sunburned. The second day was cold and wet, similar to a Prince Rupert mist.

“When you’re riding 120 km in the rain, you’re going to get wet,” said Wolfe.

“It wasn’t very nice. There were lots of injuries and flat tires, but there were mechanics along the way. If you saw one you were supposed to point your thumb downwards and they’d stop and help you out. 

“When I asked how much I owed, they told me it was all free.”

At the halfway point, riders stayed in two-person tents, provided by the organizers.

“The camp had entertainment, medical services, massages and beer and wine. There were people from Germany, England and all over,” said Simonds.

To prepare for the ride, Wolfe attended spin classes and Simonds biked around town, out to Ridley Island and Port Edward.

“You need to stay in shape,” Simonds said.

When they arrived home, Simonds and Wolfe presented Barker with the T-shirt, including personal notes from each of the riders written in permanent marker.

Holding up the T-Shirt at the Prince Rupert fire hall last Saturday Norm smiled appreciatively.

“I’m really proud of this,” he told his friends.

Both men have already signed up for next year’s ride. Simonds did it before he left, but Wolfe waited until he arrived home before committing again.

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