Saturday, July 03, 2010

Ed Stelmach's good neighbours tale

Any neighbour can hand you a cup of sugar, but how many can keep your car on the road.

That in a nutshell is the Fourth of July message from Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach, as he offers up a tutorial of sorts for Americans on the importance of Alberta oil to the economic structure of America.

Stelmach first attempted to reach the huddled masses yearning to drive via a letter to the editorial pages of the New York Times, however, the editorial board didn't feel that his treatise on the importance of oil was of sufficient gravitas to scoop editorial space, taking a pass on his work.

With some politicians in the USA not overly thrilled with the latest pipeline plans from the northern reaches of Alberta and threatening to slow that flow, Stelmach decided that in order to make sure that the message was delivered in a timely fashion, advertising was the way to go, purchasing a full page ad in the Times.

You can follow along with Premier Ed's talking points with this reproduction of his thoughts as shared with the neighbours.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Ed-

Now- for Plan B. Lets see...about a billion in China and a billion in India want to get on the Road. Good for them- except that they don't have a hope of that without more energy. Let's help them by building a couple more pipelines through the Mountains to the West Coast so that when the carpetbagging congressmen and senators in the US try to hold us to ransom on there precious market, we tell them to get blown.

And...Let all the USABillyBobs in their BillyBobTandemAxleTrucks cry in their water filled shoes at the side of the road- Most never use those gas guzzlers for work- and they sure don't deserve to just ride around town playing big man in them either-