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Podunk Below the Masthead Monday, March 2, 2009

The upcoming provincial election campaign gains a fascinating head to head match up, Prince Rupert receives some Federal help when it comes to sewers. the new owners of a business in town get a page three biography piece and the editors take another run at explaining the new journalistic frontier, all part of the Monday Daily News.

COONS IS THE MAN FOR 2009-- The much anticipated NDP riding association meeting comes and goes with no challengers for incumbent Gary Coons, setting the stage for a very interesting election campaign between the current MLA and Herb Pond, the former mayor of the city who would like to replace Mr. Coons in Victoria.

Elsewhere in the paper the Federal government provides 3.9 million dollars to the city of Prince Rupert destined for use on the Hays Creek sanitary trunk sewer. The announcement came out of the office of Prince George-Peace River MP Jay Hill, a move that has raised a few eyebrows among local NDP supporters, who still remember Hill's ham handed attempts to have constituents go around the local MP Nathan Cullen and instead take their concerns to his chosen "go to girl" Sharon Smith. Smith lost the last general election to Cullen, but it seems that some NDP supporters believe that Hill hasn't quite put an end to his maneuvers to the west.

The city manager's report was highlighted on page three, with a number of interesting points from Chief Financial Officer Dan Rodin's presentation outlined, among the number crunching highlights was a plan to target some 310,000 dollars on yet another study of the prospects for the Digby Island/Tsimshian Peninsula Access project. The city also wants to purchase a few industrial vehicles to a total of 170,000 dollars for use by various departments, also included on the civic wish list is a Roll on roll off for the landfill at a cost of 150,000 dollars and a Volvo Excavator for the Water Utilities department at a cost of 131,000 dollars.

The City council approved capital purchases and approved capital work schedules to the amount of 8.2 million dollars, up significantly from last years 3.4 million dollar mark.

And in what makes for an interesting count of the lineage of the paper, there was a piece on the arrival of the new owners of the soon to open Home Hardware operation in the old Phil Pott Evitt location. The page three article seems to provide more copy on the pending opening than any other single article in the Monday edition, outlining the background of the Kamloops investors and their plans to operate their store in the midst of Rupert's long running recession.

The editorial department took a second run at explaining their future plans for the newspaper, while on the same page a former journalist outlines his thoughts on the evolution of news in Prince Rupert (we will cover this in a separate post on the blog)

Keen eyed readers of the paper may have noticed that they seem to have had some confusion on dates in this edition, with March 2nd identified as the date on 6 of the days pages, while it became March 3rd on the other 6 pages. Maybe it's a case of tomorrow's news today...

Total pages in the Monday edition 12

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