Friday, April 30, 2010

It's the economy (Friday, April 30, 2010)

Canada's deficit to be smaller than expected, beware the trap of Europe and how bad will things get for BP, some of the items of interest for Friday's financial findings.

Globe and Mail-- Oil sands bitumen to flow to West Coast by 2015: Enbridge
Globe and Mail-- Goldman Sachs shares plunge
Globe and Mail-- Greece’s survival at stake, PM warns
National Post-- Wall Street sinks on Goldman angst
National Post-- Canada's deficit may be smaller than expected
National Post-- PotashCorp gives analyst deja vu
Vancouver Sun-- Premiers to sell Western provinces as common market on trade mission
New York Times-- Putin Calls for Merger of Russia and Ukraine Gas Firms
New York Times-- The Euro Trap
USA Today-- Chinese automakers still can't lick quality problems
USA Today-- Spain's unemployment rate passes 20%
Guardian UK online-- Greek bailout plan: optimism grows ahead of Sunday meeting
Guardian UK online-- Goldman Sachs faces criminal investigation
Guardian UK online-- Banks tell G20 new rules on holding capital could push UK back into recession
Times on line -- Greeks face tax, pensions and pay misery in austerity plan
Times on line -- Europe’s economy is the sick man of the world
Telegraph UK online-- Just how bad is it for BP as Gulf catastrophe widens?
Telegraph UK online-- Engineers attack lack of vision for economy
Telegraph UK online-- General Election 2010: cuts will doom election winner, warns Mervyn King
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Contagious? Fever in Europe
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Henry tax review tipped to include plan for drivers to pay by kilometre
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Daniel Tzvetkoff may have millions in tax havens as relatives risk homes
People's Daily-- Hu declares open Shanghai World Expo
People's Daily-- China ranked fourth in travel spending
China Daily-- China vows to protect intellectual property at Shanghai World Expo
China Daily-- Ending restrictions key to Sino-US trade imbalance
Times of India-- Food inflation down to 16.61% on rabi arrival
Times of India-- India paves way to ink DTAA with HK

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