Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mayor Mussallem's icejam woes

The Northern View may have solved some of the mystery over the Mayors recent absences from City Council meetings over the last couple of months. Perhaps he was taking some time to check out the back forty...

In a story posted on their website on Wednesday the local paper reprises a story from the Smithers Interior News, which outlines some of the troubles that the Mayor has faced on his farming property in the Bulkley Valley.

Mussallem cabin was lifted by the ice flowing from the Bulkley River, but fortunately not relocated to some other far off portion of the region, he will have to spend some time over the next few months placing the cabin back on its foundation, not to mention refurbish the damaged walls, floors and such.

The work won't end there either it seems, as the property that is still active farmland and will require some remediation work as well in order to prepare it for the growing of crops.

For now he's working on the paper work for the Provinces Emergency Preparedness program, seeking out financial redress for his losses from the fast moving ice floes.

Mussallem has owned his property in the Bulkley Valley for sixteen years now, and no doubt will find it to be a welcome respite now that he has increased duties as Mayor of Prince Rupert and all the headaches that can be associated with that job.

His out of town residence may also come in handy for future opportunities locally. If the city ever wishes to get that Farmer's market idea launched in the city, we think we know someone who might be able to provide some first hand information from the Farmer's point of view.

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