Tuesday, December 21, 2004

If I could only find an agent!

Occasionally I’ll let my mind wander and wonder what life would be like had I headed for Hollywood and worked my way into the world of network (and cable) television.

Some of the shows I’m waiting on a script for and the roles I’d like to be considered for!

THE WIRE—Available in Canada on Movie Central, this is a top notch HBO Crime Drama with many intertwining plots rolling from season to season. The series is based on the work of David Simon, who last gave us the equally great Homicide: Life on the Street. It’s an excellent study into life in Baltimore from the docks, to the urban zones that seem to have laws of their own. It’s a terrific ensemble cast and gives you a real feel for policing in a sphere that seems just on the verge of total chaos. Corrupt politicians, crooked and honest cops, drug dealers galore and honest citizens trapped in the middle. This is a show that has it all. My choice for a part would be any police role that doesn’t end in wanton violence and a sudden demise.

THE WEST WINGPresident Bartlet is winding down his time at the White House and judging by the way this formerly enthralling show has gone its not a moment too soon. Back when it first started out the writing was sharp, the dialogue witty and engaging. The characters all seemed to offer up something new and vital from week to week. Lately it’s slipped quite a bit, taking on some rather predictable gimmicks designed to keep the audience attached. The President’s FDR role playing of the last week and the possible attack of the killer asteroid, moved things along the “getting harder to believe” aspect of script writing. But if I could hop in the time machine, it would be back to season two or three, they were at the top of their game, Bartlet was a President to follow and the team were at their energetic best, me thinks I would have found the role of advisor to the President to be a great ride.

NYPD BLUE—now into it’s final episodes now, when it first came on the air it added some fresh views on the ole Police drama format. Fast paced camera work, believable characters it found a loyal audience in the early days. Proving that actors don’t know when they have it good, David Caruso courted career suicide by walking away from the show and toiling away in a rather failed movie career before resurfacing with the CSI franchise on a beach in Florida. While many others have come and gone over the years, Dennis Franz has held the fort at the 15th precinct house. He made his Andy Sipowicz character a mainstay on network television. For my agent, a role as Andy’s partner would be just fine. Lets face it Andy’s career at times resembled a giant train wreck, just by showing up at work and keeping a few steps behind you could fast track your own upward mobility. He takes all the heat from all the bosses, you just clean up the mess and take your promotion.

THE SOPRANOSTony runs a tight ship, but just look at his house, his vehicles and his Club (the ever popular Bada Bing) this guy lives the guy’s life. Sure there’s the odd chance of getting whacked by a rival mobster or even by the traitors in your midst, but there’s no gain without a little pain. Silvio has managed to stay alive and pad the bank account as Tony’s dependable fixer. That would be the role to shoot for, (pardon the pun). Too bad for Steven Van Zandt, but hey Bruce should heading back on the road soon anyways, so bada bing, bada boom, I’ll take over the club thank you very much!

LAW AND ORDER—He just retired from regular duty (soon to reappear in the latest of Dick Wolff’s L & O franchises. But when Jerry Orbach was on the job as Lenny he brought the role of Briscoe to life. There was a lot of hard earned experience in that wisecracking frame, much married and equally much divorced Briscoe reeks of the guy that lived his job. He’s seen it all and probably done it all as well. If only for one of those great one liner’s or that exasperated look being one of Briscoe’s partners would be a great role to work.

Shows from the past that would have been an interesting audition in no particular order, M*A*S*H, ALL IN THE FAMILY, SEINFELD, GET SMART, HILL STREET BLUES, STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO, HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREETS just to name a few. Now if only I had actually had some talent!! Or more importantly an agent!

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