Monday, December 20, 2004

The hiatus nears its end

Regular visitors to the ole Podunk site will have noticed a certain lack of contributions over the last three weeks or so. I arbitrarily decided to take a sabbatical from the daily grind of composing something that might possibly make some sense, adding links and finding worthwhile gems on the internet.

What with Christmas fast approaching I knew that my output would drop off anyways, so I chose to go cold turkey so to speak, just stop dead, not even look at the blog for awhile so as to recharge my brain cells, rest my fingers and give my eyes a chance to return their pupils to a normal size.

But alas, the lure of the blog is calling again, I feel the beginnings of my brain processing the latest shenanigans out of Ottawa, Washington and places near and far and realize that it's about time to get back into the saddle.

I mean C'mon' when the Prime Minister takes two planes to the Libyan sand dunes to meet with a rather strange individual in a tent surrounded by camels, the satirical juices just get a flowing. When the Secretary of Defence of the worlds most advanced military machine, basically slags his own troops as they scavenge garbage dumps for armor plating before they go into battle, well you just know its time to get back into the game.

We'll ease ourself back into the bloglines and may even take the odd day off from time to time, but with a few weeks under the belt listening to music, finishing off the Christmas shopping and reading something other than blogs we feel refreshed enough to get back to our unpaid labour of love.

Interestingly enough, whilst I disappeared for a while, the hits to the podunk (and my other blogs HockeyNation, Twelve Men on the Field and boondoggle) kept on coming. In fact there was hardly any drop at all in the traffic to most of the blogs. Which of course leads me to wonder how I'd be missed, if no one knew I was gone?

Stay tuned new material on the way. Thanks for sticking with A Town Called Podunk!

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