Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Those Battlin' Bachman Brothers

They may not have had a hit on the charts in a good couple of decades or so, but a name is a name and it will now be up to the courts to decide who gets to hold the name of Bachman Turner Overdrive as their own.

Robbie Bachman, is suing his older brother Randy and Fred Turner in a bid to have them refrain from touring, recording or we imagine mentioning the name of BTO in the course of their professional activities.

The younger Bachman is seeking damages and a permanent injunction over what he believes is a clear case of ignoring past oral and written agreements that assigned the name to Robbie and other members of the legendary Canadian rock band.
We're not sure if there is much mileage left in the retro rock movement for another decade of BTO lounge acts and such, but even a small share of past revenues from the cross country revival shows and such could probably provide for a comfortable retirement nest egg.
Stand by, over the course of the trial we are sure to see such headlines as Takin Care of Business, You Ain't seen Nothin' yet and of course when the judgement is announced, Gimme your Money, please!

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