Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's the economy (November 18, 2009)

Cabin fever on the agenda for the G7, Eggo a go go and the banana wars near an end, some of the items of note for Wednesday.

Globe and Mail-- World leaders turn attention to next crisis: national debts
Globe and Mail-- Canadians are socking cash away in TFSAs
Globe and Mail-- Bombardier in talks for huge deal
National Post-- Flaherty says economy has not recovered
National Post-- Manulife bolsters its cash 'fortress'
National Post-- Welcome to Iqaluit, G7 -- in February
Vancouver Sun-- Vancouver’s Washington Marine Group cuts 20 per cent of its staff
Vancouver Sun-- Treaties with first nations would boost B.C. economy: report
New York Times-- Post-Mortems Reveal Obvious Risk at Failed Banks
New York Times-- Luxury Stores Trim Inventory and Discounts
New York Times-- Jobless Benefits Will Expire Unless Congress Acts
USA Today-- Loss of jobless benefits for more than 1 million looms
USA Today-- Leggo my Eggo! Kellogg fights waffle shortage
Guardian UK online-- Queen's speech focuses on pensioners, parents and economic recovery
Guardian UK online-- Fears for fair trade farmers if 'banana war' ends
Times Online UK-- Bank split three ways over quantitative easing
Times Online UK-- Whatever Mervyn King may say, inflation is making markets twitchy
Telegraph UK online-- Business leaders condemn the Government's legislation as 'frightening'
Telegraph UK online-- Spooks' take on Britain's energy crisis sparks run on candles
Telegraph UK online-- Bank's chief economist fears a new asset price bubble
Melbourne Herald Sun-- RBA urges financial transparency
Melbourne Herald Sun-- AWB says we can do better after suffering big loss
Brisbane Times-- Rents rise across the country
Brisbane Times-- Australia ranked eighth least corrupt country in world
Sydney Morning Herald-- Green light to fast-track $1b Palmer project
Sydney Morning Herald-- Wages growth slowing on cue
Sydney Morning Herald-- Rio less keen on BHP-Pilbara deal: analyst
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Public service wages rising at fastest pace in five years
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Australia's economy in sharp turnaround
People's Daily on line-- Wen: China disagrees to so-called G2, calling for effort to fight protectionism
People's Daily on line-- BOC, ICBC considering branches in Taiwan
China Daily-- IMF chief praises China's efforts to shift growth model
The Times of India-- Don't be swayed by global recovery: SEBI to investors
The Times of India-- India may have to import rice this year: Pranab

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