Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A little fixer upper, with a water view!

The City of Prince Rupert posted its first Invitation to Tender for the Watson Island industrial area on Tuesday, a page three advertisement in the Daily News which outlines some of the attractions of the104.5 + hectares of prime developable industrial land.

With thirty million dollars of remediation work completed and underwritten by the Provincial Government the land is ready to be developed by someone with a minimum of 13 million Canadian dollars.

The prospectus of sorts for the property advises that the site is located next to the Port of Prince Rupert's container terminal and bulk terminals, which we gather is a loose interpretation of "next" ... what, with a mountain in between Watson Island and the Container Port.

The well maintained docks and access to the ocean is highlighted as are the road and rail links.

As well, our patiently waiting skilled workforce in both Prince Rupert and Port Edward stand ready to take up the challenges of a renewal of the site, while the amenities of the two communities are ready to tempt any buyer.

Any offer of purchase will of course require a ten percent deposit and a development plan, ( we suspect that a commitment towards the goal of tax payment might help seal the deal as well as they say)

There is the opportunity to tour the site prior to your decision to purchase, but in order to keep away the tire kickers and lookie loos, there is the requirement of a five hundred dollar, no refundable fee for viewing purposes.

Hmmm, at five hundred bucks a tour, perhaps we might not want to sell it after all, instead use it as a tourist attraction, tie it in with a vacation package and seal up the ghosts of industry past tour crowd...

The Deadline for offers is 4:30 on December 15th, but the City advises that they reserve the right to deal with any offers received prior to that day.
Meaning we suppose that if you arrive at City Hall with a cheque or even cash, you could probably have yourself an industrial site as soon as the cheque clears or the bills are counted.
Make sure you get your bid in to Dealin' Dan Rodin today, before someone snaps it up from the muskeg under your feet.

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