Sunday, November 01, 2009

10 years later Jerry Falwell may have some proof!

It was ten years ago that Rev. Jerry Falwell launched his personal fatwa against the evils of the Teletubbies, (especially that colourfully dressed Tinky Winky), who he suggested was a poor role model.

The good Reverend (well not in everyone's opinion we guess) managed to make Teletubbie bashing a growth industry, until some of the fall out of some high profile scandals of televangelism took over the headlines, making many of his stands the subject of mockery amid accusations of hypocrisy.

However, we suspect that wherever Rev. Falwell has disappeared to in the after world, he will be reading this article with more than a little interest.

It is a puzzling situation, much like many of us have forgotten about Reverend Falwell, who knew that the Teletubbies were still so relevant today!
Guess Tinky Winky and the rest of the gang got the last laugh on that one.

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