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Podunk Below the Masthead July 2008

A daily look at the BIG TYPE headline of the Podunkian Daily News.
We'll list that day's BIG STORY, the one the Daily puts out in the big type just below it's masthead, for all Podunkians to ponder..There will be a link to this feature on the right hand side of the blog.
On Wednesdays and Friday's you can access all the stories of the Daily News free on their website, on the remaining days you end up at a dead end, asking you to go purchase your paper, for (as Paul Harvey would say) the rest of the story.

JULY 31--

JULY 30--WINTER IN JULY LEAVES MANY FEELING BLUE AS MERCURY DIPS--Summer's uncoperative weather finds itself the talk of the town (see story here)

JULY 29--MILESTONE AS PORT HANDLES WEST COAST'S BIGGEST SHIP--The Port continues to be the focus of the Daily News attention as they examine the arrival of the largest ship to call on Fairview so far (see story here)

JULY 28--PORT SIMPSON FISH PLANT LEADS THE WAY IN PROVINCE-- The Fish plant in Port Simpson finds itself ahead of the curve when it comes to quality standards for food processing in Canada (see story here)

JULY 25--RAMPED-UP PORT MAKING WAVES ON THE WORLD STAGE -- More positive vibes from the principles in the Fairview Container Terminal and its early quarters of operation (see story here)

JULY 24--PEOPLE WARNED 'KEEP OUT OF CN WATERFRONT RAILYARD'--CN Rail once again proclaims its dominion over the waterfront railyards with another warning for wandering Rupertites out for a stroll (see story here)

JULY 23--CURFEW FOR TEENS IS NOT THE ANSWER SAYS MAYOR--The seemingly endless debate over a youth curfew gets one more look see at City council in July (see story here)

JULY 22--PORT IS BUOYED BY STRONG PERFORMANCE FOR 2007--Financial returns paint a portrait of a successful kick off to Rupert's introduction to the world of containerization (see story here)

JULY 21-- SHOREWORKERS’ SHIFTS CUT TO BONE AS SEASON DISAPPOINTS-- The salmon fishery troubles spill over into the canning lines of the city's largest fish plants, leading to concerns over EI claims for the fall (see story here)

JULY 18-- WHOLE CITY URGED TO SHOW PRIDE, HELP RUPERT BLOOM-- Civic Pride makes plans to do rounds around town over the weekend as a prelude to the communities in Bloom judges arrival next week (see story here)

JULY 17-- CRAB SEASON BEGINS WITH HIGH HOPE AND HARD WORK-- The 2008 summer crab season began on Wednesday, with 53 licenced vessels taking to Hecate Strait and environs (see story here)

JULY 16-- EXCITING FUTURE AHEAD FOR BUILDING WITH A LONG PAST -- The long discussed, but seldom acted upon refurbishment of the old CN/VIA Rail station on the waterfront gets closer as the building is turned over to private investors (see story here)

JULY 15--VICTORIA URGED TO PROTECT PROVINCE'S PLANTS, ANIMALS-- The provincial governments legacy is one of near extinct animals and plants suggests a new study from a leading environmental group (see story here)

JULY 14--FISHERMEN URGED TO KEEP WATCH ON B. C.'s FISH FARMS-- Environmentalists ask the province's fishermen to watch over those areas where Fish Farms operate (see story here)

JULY 11--FISHERMEN URGE BAILOUT AS SEASON SINKS OUT OF SIGHT-- The 2008 salmon season projections leave many that depend on the industry disappointed in the governments actions and concerned for the state of their livelihood. (see story here)

JULY 10--MANY PRAISED AS ELDERS GATHERING DRAWS TO CLOSE-- Prince Rupert's hosting duties come to an end as the First Nations Elders Gathering comes to a conculsion (see story here)

JULY 9-- MANY ENJOY SPIRIT POLE'S EMOTIONAL STOP-OFF IN CITY-- A moving ceremony of celebration and commemoration highlights day two of the First Nations Elders Gathering (see story here)

JULY 8--HUGE GATHERING OF ELDERS LAUNCHED IN GRAND STYLE-- The opening ceremonies of the 32nd Elders Gathering featured dancers, singers, First Nations leaders and local politicians (see story here)

JULY 7--EVERYONE INVITED TO HELP CARVE A PIECE OF HISTORY--Prince Rupert residents have the opportunity to help carve a spirit pole as part of the Elders Gathering at the Civic Centre (see story here)

JULY 4--COALBED METHANE WORRIES RAISED AT SHELL METTING-- Shell Canada's Coalbed methan plans become a topic of conversation at a public information session in Prince Rupert. (see story here)

JULY 3--COAST TSIMSHIAN HOPEFUL PORT TALKS MOVING AHEAD--Talks are back on between the Federal Government and the Coast Tsimshian over port development issues in Prince Rupert (see story here)

JULY 2--PORT DELIVERS STRONG YEAR AS TONNAGE HANDLED SOARS-- The Port of Prince Rupert continues to post improving numbers (see story here)

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