Thursday, September 01, 2005

On the nose, on the money

As New Orleans suffers under its fourth day of misery the apparent incompetence or unwillingness of the US gov't to engage in the crisis is staggering. All day watching CNN one heard correspondent after correspondent all but scream (and Anderson Cooper and Jack Cafferty actually did) where the hell is the help. Cafferty especially seemed to reflect the angst of Americans with his well placed anger at those supposedly in charge.

There is no better explanation of the mess that seems to be Homeland Security than this from Slate, there will no doubt be many other editorialists ready to wade in, but this one article from Slate does it in concise and frightening simple terms. It's a must read and should be made compulsory reading for those politicos that spent the day patting themselves on the back and thanking each other for doing what appears to be nothing!

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