Thursday, November 18, 2004

Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out Carolyn!

Finally Prime Minister Paul Martin has dealt with the loose cannon of the back bench known as Carolyn Parrish. The rather unusual MP for
Mississauga has been behaving rather strangely over the last year or so, with many eyebrow raising performances.

From her apparent distaste for her own (former) Liberal party members, to her never ending and frankly tiresome, Bush hating act of the last little, this is a woman who seems to crave attention. And attention she now has in spades, her latest bout of nutbarism will be the upcoming appearance on Friday Night's 22 minutes, where she stomps upon a George Bush doll. The incident which was "leaked" to the media yesterday has become a hot property for news agencies across the continent.

Yet it wasn't her seemingly pathological dislike of the President of the USA that has finally resulted in her ouster. Instead it was apparently her meandering blubbering to the media about the current state of her political life. She expressed no interest in her now former party and their tenuous status and stated openly that she wouldn't care if the current PM lost the election and his job, as she said she wouldn't shed a tear. Even poor old dithering Paul couldn't let that one go and thus she is no more!

Suddenly a light went on in the PMO that uh, she's not particularly helpful to the cause, probably won't be much use in a confidence vote anyways, so its best to wash ones hands of her. Sending her to that purgatory reserved for the loopy Independent back bencher. (Chuck Cadman the only other Indy memmber is not a charter member of that Group, as he's more like a Conservative without portfolio!).

At any rate, it's about time that Martin took charge of his rogue MP who seemed to be on a single handed mission to destroy any semblance of sanity on the Government side of the House. Every time she opened her mouth she confirmed for Canadians that it isn't necessarily the best and the brightest that run for office. Her outbursts of late give one cause to wonder if perhaps she might have some issues she needs to discuss with a professional somewhere. More worrisome is the knowledge that she once was a secondary school teacher! One wonsers just how many young minds she helped to shape over the years, (a sudden shudder for the youth of yesterday!) wouldn't a civics class with Carolyn have been a hoot!

There's a place in Parliament for civil and sensible debate over serious issues such as the war in Iraq, missile Defence and such. But to allow Carolyn Parrish to set the tone for those debates showed a certain lack of leadership in the PMO. Finally they have taken charge of the issue and done what needed to be done.

Ms. Parrish can now return to the irrelevant status from which she came. Too bad for the folks of Mississauga but their needs and requirements are going to be on the back burner for the next little while. When you send a fool to do your work, don't be surprised when you aren't taken very seriously. 22 minutes will show Carolyn in all her Glory on Friday night, alas for Ms. Parrish her 22 minutes of fame are about to be used up! Her mercuric temperament and exhibitionistic buffoonery will not be missed.

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