Friday, August 21, 2009

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer?

Sheesh, you go away during what is supposed to be a the "dog days" of summer and the news cycle just spins on regardless.

While we enjoyed our break from blogging and put some clicks on the odometer travelling here and there, life in Podunk continued on at a rather hectic pace.

As we settle back into our chair of Podunkian punditry, we have taken a quick scan of the piling up newsprint from the local papers.

Among our discoveries; the murder rate in Podunk doubles in less than a couple of months, the provincial Liberals discover the joys of taxation (and in a strange bit of bizzaro theatre, the usually quick to the taxation pool city council, says hey wait a minute). While they're in the mood for changing directions, Gordon Campbell's Liberals shift from working the abacus in quest of taxes and make for some quick flips of the flop of their most recent campaign promises.

A local luminary of the arts scene exits the stage, with the sad news of the passing of the always amiable Rod McNish. The fishery once again enters the crisis stage and yet another Federal Minister of Fisheries can't find a road map to go to where the fish once were.

Dan Veniez hears the call, and the one time Conservative suddenly finds comfort in the potential bosom of the Liberal Party of Canada, apparently smitten at the prospect of working with Michael Ignatieff. That as he ponders a run for Parliament no doubt with the intention of becoming the stone in the shoe of the Prime Minister and his BC caucus.

And wonder of wonders, the Daily News returns to the computer age, putting their Daily efforts into cyberspace and removing the burden of carpal tunnel syndrome from the future ailments of The Podunkian.

So much to catch up on....

So bear with us as we work our way back to see what we missed and pick up the trail of local developments for future postings. With the Daily moving to the digital age, it will mean a refurbishment of our Podunk Below the Masthead feature.

And while we're at it perhaps we'll look for a tweak or two to some of the other features of the blog as well.

Our first task is to finish off the archiving of local events while we were away, so forgive us as we rehash and catch up on all that we missed.

Summer vacation is over, guess it's time to re-engage...

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